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so many people have told me i'm so much more mature than my age would signfy... i never really noticest but i do tend to get along better w/ people who are around 17+
i am on depression medication, but it's only temporary. and i do see a therapist, but that only like once a week and it's mostly to help me deal w/ my father's death... which is the reason i had depression in the first place, then everything else piled on to that and made it that much worse, so.... for the most part i'm a happy go lucky person... ask anyone!!!
i do have a little problem w/ trying to make everyone happy, which can be a burden at times, but it's worth it in the end.
i am a big fan of poetry and write a bit of it myself. but as much as i love poetry i love singing even more. it's part of my DNA to sing, no joke... it's my biggest passion ever!!!
and although i dont write it, i absolutely love lesbian erotica, heck look at my memories under lust and u'll see!!!! i am bisexual, but that's only because i have fully decided which gender i'm gonna go w/... i'm leaning towards girls at the moment, but then again i should at least give a guy a chance, right???
well that all i can think of for now.
much love,